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Literal helps your team see a complete picture of your app.

After integrating the Literal SDK, you can capture screens and metadata from pre-production builds. Metadata includes analytics events, network requests, and UI actions. Capture sessions while running manual QA, bug bashing, as well as automated UI tests. Using Literal’s multiplayer, web browser-based tool, developers, designers, and product managers can view sessions screen by screen. Screens are auto-grouped and auto-mapped by user flow.

Integrate with Amplitude or Mixpanel to view your live analytics data with your screens. Comment when you notice issues or have questions. With the Slack integration, you can flag team members where they live. With the Jira integration, create issues pre-populated with all the detail.

Teams use Literal to:

  • View their live analytics data with visual context
  • Review new features
  • Document, explain, and discuss user flows

Integrate our SDK on iOS or Android using the information below: