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Usage Guide

The following is a set of steps to guide you through using a mobile app with the Literal SDK enabled. Boards created from the SDK will be available on your dashboard.

Production vs Debug Builds

Debuggable test builds are not the same as production builds downloaded from Google Play or App Store. The Literal SDK should not be enabled in production builds.

Start recording

Upon opening a test build, a static notification with an option to start recording will be displayed. Should the notification not appear, ensure a valid access token has been provided.

Clicking on the notification will present a request for audio and video recording permission. Both are required to continue. The recording begins as soon as the permission is accepted.

To see the recording status or to pause/stop the recording, open the navigation drawer by swiping down from the top.

Literator start Literator permission Literator recording

Stop recording

After clicking on the stop button, the recording will be saved and uploaded. A notification will appear when the session is enqueued for processing.

Literator saving Literator enqueued

See results

Navigate to your dashboard to find a new board created upon the first app launch. Additional recordings created for the same build will appear on the same board. If app information changes, a new board will be created. A unique board is defined by:

  • App name
  • App version
  • Operating system (Android/iOS/Web)
  • Custom build ID passed in via LiteratorConfig

Literal board


Notifications can be enabled by heading over to Settings. Just enable the Slack app and select the desired channel for your team.