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How do I generate an access token?

Navigate to the Settings menu. For security purposes, tokens generated will only be shown once. No one can recover your access token afterwards. If you need to revoke access, or generate a new token, use the options in Settings.

How do I prevent capturing data in production?

By leveraging the no-op library, no extra code will be included in production builds. The no-op library obeys the same API calls to Literator, albeit without any implementation code.

How can I generate automatic app boards for each new build?


It's simple to automatically create Literal app boards while running your existing test suite. Just use our provided TestRule.

Leveraging automated testing is a fantastic way to keep your app boards up-to-date. A single test can explore the vital flows within your app by leveraging Espresso and UI Automator. Moreover, the Espresso test recording feature in Android Studio makes it simple to generate code representing the steps taking during a test run.

Espresso Recording